Professional Firearm Rack for Aviation

Blac-Rac firearm racks can be installed in aircraft of all types. Weapons are secure and organized for fast deployment.

Organized, Secure, and Lightweight

Law enforcement, federal agencies, and military customers rely on Blac-Rac weapon mounts for convenient and reliable firearm security in both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. With the ability to secure nearly all weapon types, the Blac-Rac provides a secure, simple to use system that keeps weapons close at hand when quick access is essential.

Blac-Rac weapon retention systems have been adapted to fit aircraft of all types. Our secure mounting systems keeps tactical weapons secure, organized, and at the ready during flight operations. The flexibility of the Blac-Rac system, allows for a variety of different weapon types with different installed accessories to be secured and readily accessible.

Blac-Rac 1070 and Blac-Rac 1082 can both be matched with convenient, flexible, modular mounting options for any fixed wing or rotorcraft application.

Aviation Applications

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4130 - M Shotgun Mount

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