Selecting and Installing a Gun Rack in Your Truck or UTV

For many gun owners, carrying a firearm in a vehicle  is essential. After all, it’s important to be prepared at any moment for a violent incident, not just when you’re at home.

Leaving your gun in a vehicle can also present a whole new set of problems. In this article we’ll discuss those safety issues as well as guidelines for choosing the right secure gun rack for your vehicle. Finally, we’ll dive into exactly how you can install the Blac-Rac 1070 in your truck or UTV.

Blac-Rac manufactures the secure gun racks preferred by thousands of police officers and military officers. These firearm racks are now available for civilian use, providing an excellent solution for weapon security in your vehicle.

Why It's Essential to Secure Your Firearm in a Vehicle

In most cases you’ll ideally want to bring your gun with you after exiting your vehicle. Not only does this largely help you avoid firearm theft, it also ensures you have your gun accessible in the event of an emergency.

In a 2018 Jeep, an AR-15 is mounted on a Blac-Rac 1070 using a tube mount.
Blac-Rac 1070 firearm rack

Still, tthere are times when you’ll inevitably have to leave your firearm in your vehicle. These may include visits to:

Many gun owners carry their gun…

  • holstered in their vehicle
  • sitting directly on a car seat
  • under a car seat
  • in the glove box
  • in the console
  • in the trunk

These are all dangerous ways to store a deadly weapon. Some of these methods are specifically listed by Article 926A of Firearm Owner Protection Act as illegal storage methods.

There are two key reasons these methods are inadequate.

First, your firearm is exposed to car thieves. In America, 1,600 guns are stolen every day. That’s more than 600,000 guns stolen every year. The US Department of Justice reports that many of these stolen guns are used in violent crime, especially handguns.

Second, unsecured weapons create the potential for accidental discharge or misuse by a passenger or child. Each year in the US, there are approximately 500 accidental firearm deaths, making this an important safety consideration.

As a responsible gun owner, it’s always essential to utilize maximum safety to ensure your weapon is never stolen and used for crime, and that your passengers are never endangered. Professional law enforcement officers take great care to keep their weapons secure. We should all aim to follow their example.

Choosing the Right Gun Rack for Your Vehicle

Fortunately, there are safe ways to carry your firearm, even when you’re on the road.

Many “gun storage” products promise security and while others emphasize accessibility. Ultimately, you want to look for a product that offers both, as well as some other important considerations.

We recommend you consider four primary features when selecting a firearm rack for your vehicle.


Always consider the strength of a product designed to hold your firearm. Ask yourself: Does it attach to a strong part of your vehicle in a way that is difficult to remove? Is it easy for someone to use simple tools or brute force to dislodge your firearm? Is the firearm rack or safe made from a material that can easily break or degrade over time?

To ensure strength and reliability, look for a product that attaches directly to your vehicle. You don’t want something that simply attaches to a car seat or another detachable component of your vehicle. To assess various gun racks, watch stress tests and read reviews from reliable gun safety experts. Others have done the research, and it helps to avail yourself of their expertise.

Finally, look for a gun rack or safe made out of a strong material like heavy-gauge steel. Avoid materials that are more sensitive to extreme temperatures. Aluminum or plastic can crack or break down especially in harsh weather conditions.


Even a strong gun rack also needs to provide security features to make sure it’s not easily breached.

Look for a tamper-proof lock. Also consider whether the firearm security system you’re considering offers any additional protection for your weapon. Will it dampen vibrations as you’re driving to avoid marring your weapon? Make sure it can hold your gun firmly, especially when you’re driving on bumpy roads.

Flexible Fit

Check what types of weapons your vehicle firearm rack can hold. Even if you plan to use one type of weapon, your plan may change in the future. Ideally, you’ll want a secure system that can fit a variety of firearm models.

In addition, look at the mounting options available for your firearm security system, and make sure that the company you purchase from provides a mounting solution that will perfectly suit your vehicle.


As you shop for a vehicle security solution for your firearms, ask whether the system you’re looking at will allow you to deploy your weapon quickly and put away your weapon quickly. Ultimately, the gun rack or safe you choose is only as good as your ability to use it consistently. If the security solution you find requires too much effort to access, you may end up avoiding using it altogether, especially for quick trips.

In an emergency, how many seconds will it take to unlock and deploy your weapon? This is where gun safes become an unsafe option for many people. It’s essential that you be able to deploy your weapon quickly when it becomes necessary.

How the Blac-Rac 1070 Can Safely Secure Your Firearm

Blac-Rac 1070 firearm rack

If you are searching for a dependable firearm rack to secure your weapon in your vehicle, the Blac-Rac 1070 is an ideal choice.

While the Blac-Rac 1070 complies with laws that require you to put away your weapon securely, you can retrieve your weapon with ease should you need to access it in an emergency.

Blac-Rac firearm racks are preferred by law enforcement, federal agencies, and militaries across the globe for all four of the essential features we discussed: strength, security, flexible fit, and accessibility.

  • Strength – The Blac-Rac 1070 clamps directly onto your vehicle’s frame instead of attaching to vehicle parts that are easy to remove. Even if someone breaks into your car, it would be very difficult for them to steal your firearm using either simple tools or brute force. Finally, the Blac-Rac 1070 is constructed with powder-coated, heavy-gauge steel that can withstand even the most severe environments.
  • Security – The Blac-Rac 1070 with integrated lock features a tamper-proof lock and a security cover that shields the mounting bolts. Vibration dampening padded grip plates limit access to your weapon’s magazine release, trigger group, and take-down pins. The grip plates also prevent firearm movement. This means that you don’t have to worry about your firearm getting scarred or marred, even on bumpy roads or in extreme temperatures. Depending on your security preference, you can either use your favorite lock or purchase the Blac-Rac 1070 with an integrated lock.
  • Flexible Fit – The Blac-Rac 1070 can hold over 200 firearm models. The gun rack can adjust to your weapon’s receiver to fit popular weapons including AR-15s, M4s, shotguns, or handguns.
  • Accessibility – The Blac-Rac 1070 includes a quick-release mechanism that allows you to deploy your firearm in seconds. You can also put away your weapon within seconds. Going a step further, the rack’s unique design even allows you to carry fully accessorized weapons. As a result, you won’t have to remove your firearm’s magazine, optic, laser, red-dot, or flashlight when you place it in your gun rack. Instead, you can swiftly deploy your firearm with all the accessories you might need.

Step-By-Step Installation Instructions for the Blac-Rac 1070

Most customers find the Blac-Rac 1070 very easy to install. If you have any questions, we offer phone support Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM.

To install a gun rack in your truck or UTV, follow these ten steps.

  1. Purchase your Blac-Rac 1070 along with a tube mount. You can view all associated products in the Blac-Rac online store.
  2. Choose whether to purchase the Blac-Rac 1070 with a hasp or the Blac-Rac 1070 with an integrated lock and key. Both are excellent, secure options.
  3. Attach the Blac-Rac tube mount directly to your mounting base. Before installation, disassemble the tube mount by removing the two mounting screws. (You can also use a T-channel if you are mounting your Blac-Rac on a flat surface or a Jeep Mount if you intend to install the Blac-Rac on a JK Series Jeep.)  
  4. Rotate the base of your firearm rack 360 degrees to put your firearm at any angle you choose. Then tighten the mounting base bolts to secure the rack.
  5. Slide the round security cover over the mounting base.
  6. Slide the Blac-Rac 1070 onto the mounting base and align the two 5/16 inch bolt holes. Insert the bolts into the hole and slot.
  7. Tighten the bolt into the double nut on the bottom of the unit.
  8. Install the security plate to restrict access to the mounting bolts.
  9. Adjust the mounting screws until the plate is snug. Next, rotate the plate clockwise and close the handle.
  10. You can accommodate different receiver sizes by adjusting the width of the Blac-Rac’s grip. To decrease the width, use the Allen wrench to turn the adjusting bolt clockwise. To increase the width, turn the bolt counterclockwise.


On average, a gun is stolen every minute in the United States. While you’re not necessarily legally responsible for a thief’s actions, it’s important to cherish the right to bear arms by doing all you reasonably can to keep others safe.

Following the example of professional law enforcement, the best way to keep others safe is to ensure your weapons are adequately protected so that no one ever turns your gun on an innocent person. In addition to serving this important function, a good gun rack will keep your firearm secure and in excellent condition for many years to come.


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