Professional Firearm Rack for Military Operations

Built to Withstand Rigorous Conditions. Used by the US Department of Defence and Foreign Militaries.

Approved for Military Operations

Military customers rely on Blac-Rac for weapon security while providing quick access to their weapons when needed.

Outdoor operations often involve severe environmental conditions and vehicle vibrations that challenge the dependability of even the best designed products. Blac-Rac mounts are built to withstand punishing conditions. Our materials resist corrosion and assure operational performance, even in salt water or lengthy outdoor exposure.

The versatility of the Blac-Rac system provides security for a wide range of weapons preferred by today’s military forces. Our mounting systems are designed for use in troop carriers, armored and open frame vehicles, maritime vessels, aircraft and wherever weapons need to be secured safely.

Your weapons will remain secure until swift deployment is required. A unique line-up of robust mounting accessories allows quick weapon access on any type of military vehicle.

Military Applications

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