Professional Firearm Rack for Motorcycles

Blac-Rac provides a secure solution for police motorcycle operations. The most common use for a Blac-Rac is for Harley Davidson police motorcycles.

Convenient Custom Installations

Motors are often the first to arrive at critical incidents. Law enforcement agencies rely on Blac-Rac weapon mounts for their motor fleets.

Blac-Rac offers reliable security for fast, dependable deployment. A robust design and superior materials keep your weapon safe from the severe vibrations and conditions faced by motor officers.

The Blac-Rac is most often installed in the left side saddlebag of Harley Davidson police motorcycles. For other motorcycles, please contact Blac-Rac to discuss options.

Inside a Harley Davidson motorcycle, an AR weapon is mounted in a Blac-Rac 1082 in the left-side saddlebag.

This cutaway illustrates a Blac-Rac 1082 mounted inside a Harley Davidson motorcycle saddle bag. Tamper-proof security hardware is included to prevent the unauthorized removal of the saddle bag.

Motorcycle Applications

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Please contact Blac-Rac at 1-800-528-8040 to learn about weapon requirements and the installation process. Our team is pleased to help you with your order.