Professional Firearm Rack for Police Cruisers

Blac-Rac will fit any law enforcement vehicle make and model. It attaches to all partitions and cages inlcuding flat panel, recessed panel, or K9.

Reliable Security, Fast Deployment

Blac-Rac mounts will fit any make and model of law enforcement vehicle. Our mounts will also fit standard equipment used by law enforcement.

Your agency can install Blac-Rac mounts on all partitions and cages whether they are flat panel, recessed panel, K9 or half cages. In a standard configuration, two Blac-Rac units face forward. However, a police cruiser can accommodate up to four Blac-Rac units with two facing forward and two facing the rear.

Vehicles without partitions can utilize the freestanding mounting system. This is ideal for vans, SUVs, pick-ups, command cars, undercover and specialty vehicles. In addition, Blac-Rac also offers overhead tube mounting, providing you with even more mounting options.

With 70,000 units in use, Blac-Rac weapon retentions systems enable SWAT teams, tactical squads, and emergency service units to keep their weapons tightly secured and ready to immediately deploy.

Police Cruiser Applications

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