Firearm Racks for SWAT Applications

Blac-Rac Firearm Racks Allow Special Operations Personnel to Keep Their Weapons Secure and at the Ready

Unbeatable Strength, Security, Versatility, and Access

SWAT and special ops teams rely on Blac-Rac weapon mounts for convenient and reliable in-vehicle firearm security. Blac-Rac weapon retention systems allow team members to have their tactical weapons at the ready while in-route to a critical incident.

The Blac-Rac can retain a variety of different weapon types including tactical weapons, like the M4 or AR 15, bolt action rifles, shotguns, and even pistols. The design allows for the rapid deployment of the weapon and does not interfere with installed optics or rail-mounted accessories.

Both the Blac-Rac 1070 and Blac-Rac 1082 are excellent options for SWAT teams.