7 Smart Ways to Carry a Concealed Firearm

As a licensed American gun owner, you don’t lack ways of concealing your firearm. But if you must lack something, then it must be the ability to choose the right concealment method. From the conventional Outside-the-Waistband (OWB) to Inside-the-Waistband (IWB), you have a ton of ways to carry your concealed gun.

So, do you have a concealed carry permit, or you intend to apply for one soon? Regardless of your licensing status, this post has much value in store for you. As our discussion progresses, I will walk you through the top seven ways of carrying a concealed firearm. Some of the carrying techniques are unisex, others are ideal for men, while the last two are specific to ladies.

Overall, our discussion has the right value for everyone. So, get on board now and learn about the most suitable method/s for securing and hiding your gun in public. You can also complement this post’s information by checking out this video. It contains some useful nuggets to kick-start your concealed carry journey.

1. (IWB) Holster Clipped To Your Belt

Let’s start our discussion on a traditional note by looking at IWB clipped to your belt. You can hide your gun behind your back or your hip’s firing side and cover it with a shirt or jacket. You have many holsters you can choose from when using this concealment method.

However, make a few considerations when hiding your gun this way. Some people argue that when you need to draw the gun from a clip-on holster, it could come out with the firearm still holding to it. However, practice is the best way to deal with this challenge to minimize its potential risk.

2. (IWB) Holster Over the Belt

This method is one of the most appropriate options since it covers most of the firearm. It also keeps it closer to your body and saves you the hassles of carrying a hidden firearm tucked inside your pants, particularly without a holster.

However, it is not the most comfortable method. Its other shortcoming is that its holster width might need a slightly larger pant. Therefore, prepare to get used to a gun’s extra pressure and weight the firearm exerts between your body and belt. You may also need to buy baggy pants that may not fit your fashion style. Thus, be ready to face challenges trying to balance your looks and personal safety.

3. Middle Ground Concealed Carry

You can also carry your hidden gun using an ankle holster. It may not be easy to access this kind of holster, but it isn’t impossible. This method is excellent if you want to move around a potentially confrontational field. However, it’s not the best option if you have weak ankles or your holsters are heavy.

Fortunately, it’s the best method to use if you prefer a micro-compact concealed carry pistol. Ankle holsters are ideal if you take the time to train with them.

4. OWB Concealed Carry

This concealment method requires guts. It’s more complicated than IWB and requires you to balance several factors to get used to it. You will have to do the following.

  •  Choose a holster that fits your body type.
  •  Wear clothes that hide your gun well.
  •  Select a handgun that suits your setup requirements.
  •  Pay attention to the kind of clothes you wear most of the day—casual or official.

It’s an ideal concealing method for slimmer handguns. Also, it’s one of the most comfortable ways of wearing a pistol. You can get some excellent demonstrations in this YouTube video. It will give you value orientation instructions on how to carry your gun correctly.

5. Carry With a Pocket Holster

You can also carry your hidden firearm with a pocket holster. I know many people have differing opinions on this method. Most argue that it is dangerous to carry your gun this way. To some extent, they are right. However, this argument only applies if you don’t do it correctly.

So, how do you do it correctly? By utilizing a decent pocket holster. Using a proper holster is one way of avoiding accidental trigger discharge because it guards the trigger. Therefore, be very particular and pay attention to the holster quality you select. For example, check out whether you can feel the trigger through the holster’s clothing if you choose a fabric holster.

I recommend going for a firmer and thicker material to avoid leaving anything to chance. In this case, leather and molded polymer are the best choices for keeping your gun in the pocket. Overall, I only recommend it for very cautious gun owners. Any negligence when using it could cause disaster to yourself and those around you.

6. Concealment Belly Bands, Shorts, and Leggings

All the methods I have covered are mostly suitable for men, although some “iron” and “commando” ladies could comfortably use some of them. From here, I would like to bring our sisters on board and share concealment methods specifically designed for women.

This point comes when more women are applying for concealed carry permits. If this 2018 report from the Crime Research Center is anything to go by, I feel it’s fair play to include two lady-only concealment methods.

The research shows that women are the fastest-growing demographic segment applying for concealed carry permits. For example, their applications grew by 111% faster between 2012 and 2018. However, they want these permits for self-defense, while most men want them for recreational purposes.

You can carry their concealed guns using belly bands, leggings, and shorts. Such clothing has special pockets for carrying hidden guns. They are flexible options because you can move and adjust them any way you want.

For instance, you could move them up to rest below your chest. You are also free to move them down to your hips. Don’t forget that you could rotate them to move your gun’s position around your waist.   

However, pay special attention to a few factors when using belly bands and thigh holsters to carry your gun.

  •  Easy access: Ease of access is one of the most important factors you have to consider. This factor is primary to women because research showed us that most of them carry guns for self-defense. Thus, it’s critical to choose leggings or belly bands that allow you to draw your gun faster when you need to defend yourself.   
  • Mind your clothes: Minding your clothing complements and promotes easy access. You have to wear clothes that allow you to draw your gun faster. Using these concealment clothes while wearing a dress would be challenging because you will need to lift your dress above your chest to draw the gun. Also, donning a blouse could present a similar challenge when you are in a dangerous situation requiring a gunshot.

7. Purse Carry

Lastly, you can use a purse to carry your gun. Fortunately, any responsible lady can use this method to carry her gun. Only a few “anti-purse” ladies wouldn’t find it an appropriate method. But since it’s generally acceptable and applicable to most ladies, I also recommend it.

However, I would like to state that not every purse lover should use it to carry her gun. Only use your purse to carry your gun if you are sure that you carry it wherever you go. I don’t think I need to explain the regrettable consequences of misplacing a purse with a gun inside it. They are quite obvious, and sound judgment should tell you better.

So, how should you handle your purse if you use it to carry your firearm? Below are practical tips to assist you in boosting your gun’s overall safety in your purse:

  •  Never hang your purse off the back of a chair in the office or anywhere else;
  •  Don’t leave your purse in your seat when going to the washroom;
  •  Don’t drop the purse in a corner when relaxing with your friends or family members;
  •  Hold your purse close and tight to your body when walking in the streets;
  •  Always keep the purse in a consistent and secure position when in public to minimize the chances of being snatched;
  •  Always keep your purse closed when in public to ensure the gun doesn’t drop from it;
  •  It’s best to use a purse or bag with a cross-body strap because it’s more secure;
  •  The best bags for carrying guns are costly; hence, be ready to pay the full price when necessary;
  •  Ensure your chosen purse has enough compartments to keep your gun securely. Security here means it should hold the trigger tightly to prevent accidental discharge. Thus, it’s not just a matter of tossing a gun in a purse.

You can see clearly that carrying a gun requires you to make a few sacrifices. You might need to compromise some personal preferences like fashion, convenience, and comfort to enjoy enhanced self-defense. 

You may also need to make a few lifestyle adjustments to enjoy your new-found freedom to carry your gun around. Don’t forget that you may also need to spend money to fund this freedom. So, be ready for anything.

Closing Remarks

Getting a concealed carry silence significantly boosts your personal self-defense. But so far, the state has done its part by licensing you. The burden of carrying it securely, conveniently, and correctly lies with you.

Our post discussed the seven top ways of carrying your concealed gun. I covered useful information to ensure that everyone who got on board signs out with great value. 

I hope these insights will assist you in making the right decision regarding the ideal gun-carrying method. It’s up to you to make the right choice that will give you value for your right to carry a concealed firearm.


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